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Welcome to Waylon’s Words of Wisdom. This blog will be for the enlightened only.
Anyone attempting to invade this realm of righteousness with naught, shall be judged according to their work.
I am about TRUTH, and everyday gaining knowledge and wisdom in any capacity: as long as it is aimed with an intent to serve others in a positive fashion.
The purpose of me creating this blog is so that I can hopefully gain a better understanding of myself,for myself.
Conversation and constructive criticism is welcome. But once again, it must be something fruitful.
I want to know what others think about what I think in an intelligent, mature way, from wise people. If you are neither of the aforementioned, then you should not respond to the conversations.
This is my first post, there will be more to come so stay tuned. Tell others to join the conversation also. This is not only for me, but it’s a forum for you, for us, the people.
I’m Waylon Goodwin, and these are my Words of Wisdom…