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I know for some of us, life can seem overwhelming at times. That’s why I’m here. Just think, I was directed to write this. The thought just popped in my head (along with other absurd thoughts) .
You reading this was not coincidental either. Something led you to read this.
With that being said, I just want to encourage those who feel like life is hopeless, and pointless. I would like to say to them that life is good, you just have to live it.
I have always struggled, and still struggle with depression. From the first glimpse of opening my eyes until I close them to go to sleep I battle with depression and it’s not fun, it hurts. Not only does it hurt us, but it hurts everyone around us as well.
A close friend of mine named Jerome Miller-Bey, whom I use to always study all types of literature with, once said to me something that has stuck with me ’till this day. We would study and discuss all sorts of topics from Atlantis to Saturn and everything in between.
Out of all the things he taught me, I will always remember when he said, “I know you can handle trials and tribulations of great magnitude, said Miller-Bey. It’s the small things we need to be beware of.”
I have heard this saying many times before, but ever since he said this to me, it is as if he spoke it into existence. Before he said this, I would disregard pettiness, but lately it has been adding up on me.
One example is loud music. I cannot stand disrespectful people who consistently play their music at a level where it’s coming into your living room and making life miserable for you and your family at inappropriate times.
It is immature, and I understand that people are ignorant, but what compounds the problem is when law enforcement fails to correct the situation after it has been reported over 10 different times….

-This is the beginning of my first blog, more on this topic will follow pending reviewer interest. Sorry for the abrupt pause in thought, but valuable pearls/words are not to be wasted-